Sunday, April 24, 2016

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service How to limit salt deposits on your carpets and keep them looking great!

Do you have a Business with Carpet?  Are you seeing all the salt or calcium chloride your customers are walking in making stains at your entrance?   Here are some tips to limit this from occuring and to maintain your carpet to keep it looking good!

I know this is difficult to control, and often I hear Commercial Customers put off their cleaning because they are afraid to get them cleaned and then have people walk the deposits right back on them.  However, leaving these deposits untouched can actually cause premature wear and makie the stains more difficult to clean.

1)  The biggest deterent is haveing a comprehensive mat walk off program.  Put a rug both outside your door and inside your door...people will have a tendacy to kick off their shoes twice with two area rugs!

2)Don't over apply the salt or calcium chloride. People tend to think using more ice melt will make it more effective. Using too much ice melt will actually make less effective and will result in more salt and sodium chloride being tracked into your business. You will want to apply an even coating after all shoveling and plowing has been completed. Putting too much ice melt down before snow will not melt the snow resulting in people tracking in both snow and ice melt.

3)  Don't wait to have your carpets cleaned.  Leaving them uncleaned will result in premature wear and possible damage to your carpet.  Have a scheduled maintenance plan with your prefessional carpet cleaner.  Chem-Dry by the Millers will  offer a discounted follow up on your traffic areas if you need it re-done in a shorter time plan

Chem-Dry by the Millers also offers discounted maintenance programs.  Do you want a customer coming in, looking at your floor and thinking "this place is filthy, this is the last time we are coming here"  Advantages of having your carpets cleaned more frequently by us:
-The Longer your carpets will last
-The better your carpets will look, leaving a better impression on your customer
-The more frequent your program is, the lower the costs of the cleaning

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