Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to deal with pet urine odor and other odors on carpets or upholstery what is fact and fiction?

There are many sites and home remedies that are suggested out there on how to deal with it.  We can help you with what to do and what not to do.

Here are some facts:
-the problem is much bigger than what you see:  Many people see a baseball sized spot and think that is it.  The truth is as soon as the urine soaks below your carpet backing, it spreads out.  What might be a baseball sized spot is actually the size of a soccer ball underneath.
-Once urine is left to sit, the warm, acidic liquid becomes a breeding ground for bacteria
-The acidic urine begins to oxidize on the carpet fibers.  This can sometimes create permanent color change on your carpet
-Urine can last for years in carpet.  It can take up to 5 years for bacteria to completely consume urine crystals, off gasing a urine odor the entire time.
-Male animals often urinate around perimeters and females are more likely to urinate in open areas.
-Animals are creatures of habit and often return to the same areas, even after urine is removed
-The average dog urinates 22 gallons in a year and a cat approximately 11 gallons!
-Once the urine begins to dry, the moisture evaporates and microscopic salts and crystals are formed.  These salts and crystals remain in your carpet, pad and floor and can no longer be treated by simple cleaning or over the counter products...This would require professional help.
-The crystals and salts react to the humidity in the air.  Any humidity level changes cause the crystals and salts to give off a heavier urine smell.  This is why you often smell it worse on rainy or hot humid days.
-Urine in carpeting is a severe problem that if greater than 2 days old, requires major restoration work, not just simple cleaning and deodorizing.  But now with chem dry by the Millers revolutionary purt treatment, your most sever urine-damaged areas may be saved

What can you do?
-May sound simplistic, but keep an eye on your animal so you know the extent of the problem.  Animals will often go over and over again in the same spot without you knowing.  Many people think their pet has only gone once because they have one spot, where in fact they may have gone a dozen times on the same spot, and often homeowners are left believing it is just the original coming back to cause a problem again.

-Blot urine stains immediately.  Soak up as much as you can.  The longer your wait the worse it gets.  A small wet/dry vac can be very useful.  Having an easy portable suction to get that urine up quickly is a great tool.  Just be sure to rinse.  If you don't rinse, you will regret it the next time you turn that vacuum on!

-If you have a wet/dry vac, you can rinse with plain water from the outside in.  Do not pour directly in the middle of the spot...this just will displace the urine outward causing the urine to spread and making your problem worse.

-Most products you can buy in store are temporary fixes and the same goes for most carpet cleaning companies.  They will usually just deodorize, temporarily covering up the odor, or sanitize, which does kill odor causing bacteria eliminating some odor, but it does not break down the urine crystals that have formed if urine is greater than 2 days old.  Then bacteria re-grows feeding off the urine crystals and the odor eventually comes back

If the urine is greater that 2 days old, then you need to call Chem-Dry by the Millers for our professional Pet Urine Removal Treatment.(P.U.R.T.)

Our Purt product is a revolutionary product specially formulated to eliminate urine odors.  This product has shown excellent results on even the most severe urine damage.  When Purt comes in contact with the source of the urine, it immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the urine itself, kills the bacteria and the odor along with it.

What we will do:
Once your Chemdry by the Millers technician arrives, the source and severity of the odor are determined.  The certified technician will determine the appropriate steps to address your specific situation.  P.U.R.T. will then be applied heavily to the affected areas.  It is necessary for purt to come in contact with all the urine crystals.  Over the next 24 to 36 hours, the ingredients in purt will react with the urine and break down the odor-causing components.  Once dry, the odor will dissipate.  This can take a few days up to 14 days to completely dissipate from the area.

Call us for more information at 1-800-378-4030, or visit our web site for more details at

You Can also consider these services that you  can count on Chem-Dry by the Millers for the best results:
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Also offering Commercial and Office cleaning for all of the above services.  We have the most competitive commercial rates and can greatly extend the life of your carpet and upholstery!

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